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Our Services

Website Development

GIANTHOUSE is passionate about developing high quality websites. No matter you are a large corporate or an early-stage start-up, our group of experienced developers and designers can always encode innovative and unique websites tailor-made to your corporate needs. We create professional and most importantly, user-friendly websites that function well on every device including desktop and mobile phone. Websites developed by GIANTHOUSE focus not only on utility but also aesthetic. GIANTHOUSE employs diversified tech stacks such as WordPress, Drupal and ReactJS to facilitate our website development process, to bring to our clients the best website design service that one can experience in Hong Kong at the most affordable rate. We adopt the Agile methodology in addition to the traditional waterfall product development approach. We are highly customer-centered and we endeavour to provide top-tier website development services in a responsive and timely manner. Our website development services are highly efficient since we always engage careful planning in early stages of your website development process, saving unnecessary changes and amendments down the road.


A brand is more than just a name, symbol, term or design, it defines a company’s identity. It also differentiates a company’s goods or services from those of other competitors in the market. Therefore branding is one of the most valuable assets of any corporation. Customers consume not only a company’s products and services, but also the experience offered by a brand. A company with a good branding strategy can stand out from the highly competitive market more easily, achieving better business performance. Since the Internet is the most important source of information in modern society, a company’s website is very often the first contact point between potential consumers and the company. As a result, an increasing number of corporations are beginning to realize the importance of website development as a part of a successful branding strategy. The website of a company represents its virtual identity and reputation. Web design agency GIANTHOUSE works together with our clients to develop well-designed websites that are easy to navigate, and allows online visitors to enjoy a pleasant consumption experience, resulting in a positive drive behind potential customers’ consumption decisions. All these can only be made possible with outstanding websites.

UI/UX Design

User experience (UX) design focuses on the way that users interact with a website. Outstanding UX design should be able to bring a smooth and pleasant web browsing experience to online visitors. GIANTHOUSE endeavours to create interactive and user-friendly websites that cater the needs and desires of the target visitors of our client’s websites. With our excellent web UX designs, online visitors can locate what they are looking for on the website expediently and effortlessly. With user-centric navigation and convenient interface, websites developed by GIANTHOUSE are able to enhance conversion rate and create potential leads for our clients. User interface (UI) design refers to the process where web designers use to build interfaces in website development. The ultimate goal of web UI designers at GIANTHOUSE is to create interfaces which internet users enjoy to use. Our designers employ UI design that focuses on anticipating what users might need to do and ensuring that the interface includes elements that are easy to access, understand and use in order to facilitate different actions of Internet users. UI comprises interaction design, visual layout as well as information architecture. We aim at developing websites with perfect layout, imagery and fonts that go hand in hand with the style and branding of our clients.

Website Hosting

Regardless of the scale of your website, website hosting is a necessity but not a luxury. GIANTHOUSE is able to deploy websites on cloud servers, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, as well as local server options. Successful website operations can only be made possible with an efficient and affordable manner of server management. Website security is a growing concern in the Internet and GIANTHOUSE manages the security of your websites at both server and application level. We are well aware of the fact that different companies have different web hosting needs in accordance to their scales, picking the most suitable web host solution is not an easy task for companies which may not be familiar with the technicality. Therefore, our experts suggest and choose the customized hosting packages according to the specific need of the business and websites. With the familiarity of the latest technology, we make sure that the hosting needs of our clients can often be satisfied. GIANTHOUSE committed to follow-up and keep your website up and running smoothly with both reliable hosting and maintenance. Our custom control panel is highly user-friendly and is able to save considerable time and resources in web hosting management.


Website maintenance refers to the process of examining whether a website is healthy and functioning properly. Every website requires regular check-up in order to maintain a high level of performance in the long run. A website is never something that you simply create once and then you can wait for it to run on its own. A website that contains a lot of irrelevant and outdated information will affect reachability of the website on search engines and leave a bad impression to its online visitors, thus affecting lead generation results of the website. Web security is also an important issue that our clients will likely be concerned with. GIANTHOUSE fully understands the importance of continual maintenance of websites and offers tailor-made maintenance services to our clients to ensure that their websites are highly secured and can always reflect the latest development of their businesses. The digital industry and website development technology are fast-growing and ever changing. Therefore, professional and customized website maintenance services are crucial to enhance the competitiveness and optimize the operations of a website. It is essential to equip your website with new plugins, security protection and the most up-to-date information. Our web design experts give you flexibility and easy server management, and are always within your reach for technical support.

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