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Our Services

Mobile and Web App

Effortlessly capture, update and truly design for user-friendly experience so as to bring life to your brand. A growing number of businesses now leverage mobile devices and applications to allow their brand to better connect with clients and get work done remotely or on the go. GIANTHOUSE takes the desired user experience, the computing resources and budget, time targets, into account to offer you a perfect solution with your company. With great mobile and web app design, you can impress online visitors with the vibrant, engaging and smooth-flowing website that can be viewed and convert every touch and channel them into business opportunities that meet your business goals. We are not only creating aesthetic and user-centered products, but also supporting your business with industry's insight, analysis and technology. With our team of mobile and web app development specialists, we build all-rounded applications with cutting edge technologies that provide interactive solutions to solving everyday problems and improve user experience. Don’t hesitate to contact our application development team to discuss your idea and work on mobile and web apps that fit your needs.

UI/UX Design

App UI/UX design is key to make a significant mark among all the apps. The mandatory to have the right balance between the functionality and UI/UX of the app in order to make it a successful one. From concept, strategies, structure to brand identity - to put together a visual appealing user interface. We pay special attention to detail in the design phase, with focus on consistency in the layout, style and tone. GIANTHOUSE works in line with every client to complete an unique UI/UX design every time. Our experienced yet highly qualified app UI/UX design team goes beyond efficiency and utility to also consider aesthetic qualities. We aim to guide customers through your website with a UI/UX design that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Our mission is to maximize the number of downloads for your app, attract customers to stay longer, so as to increase the conversion rate. We provide app designs that are user-friendly and visually appealing. We aim at developing mobile apps with the most competitive user experience to attract your clients and increase their loyalty.

Agile Approach

The Agile approach is an incremental and iterative methodology, where the complete development process cycle breaks down into a collection of smaller sub-modules. Those sub-modules are assigned to an individual team, which helps to estimate the timescale and the cost involved in the project. Agile approach, unlike the traditional app development models, allows flexibility, opens to scope changes throughout and simplifies the application development in order to make them adaptable. You can overview the timeframe and keep providing feedback on tasks. It literally promotes evolutionary development, adaptive planning, continuous improvements and timely delivery. The success or failure of the mobile and web app depends upon the experience and expectations of its users. We believed Agile approach is the best fit for mobile/web app development to manage projects with more flexible and faster feedback and response loops, updates, turnaround times, and time to market. GIANTHOUSE is with you at every step to reach the mobile/web market at the earliest and outshine the competition. GIANTHOUSE adopts Agile software development methodology helps in delivering seamless mobile/web app project management, which renders our team to work closely with you and recalibrate resources according to real user feedback.


An idea without examination is just one’s assumption, and only developing a prototype of software development can allow users to test the idea and pitch investors. Prototyping shows the model of the product we are going to deliver. We GIANTHOUSE create an interactive prototype where you can test with the user flow and collect feedback from users. Prototyping enables misunderstandings to be identified and addressed as early in the design process as possible. The earlier in the process issues are addressed, the better, saving you time and money. Our experienced UI/UX team visualises your ideas and designs detailed wireframes for your mobile/web app according to your brief, as a result to move progressively towards finished solutions. Prototypes allow us to collaboratively go through the details, refine and experiment the final product before it launches; as we strive to provide a premium digital experience to the users.

DDD (Domain Driven Design)

Domain Driven Design (DDD) is a way of more easily developing complex software by strongly connecting all of the software's related pieces into an ever-evolving model of the core business logic. Since DDD is object-oriented, everything about the domain is based on and object is modular and caged. In the light of this, the entire system can be modified and improved regularly. With DDD approach, GIANTHOUSE is able to build scalable systems, and especially relevant today, when mobile/web apps become big products that need to be developed over years. DDD provides patterns to solve difficult software problems, and even business problems, it creates business logic by putting everything in terms of the business domain. It mitigates misunderstanding as common terminology between the domain experts and the development team, as well as ubiquitous language as a way of collaborating and improving the application model and solving any domain-related challenges. GIANTHOUSE mobile/web design experts work close with your team to build a finished product that resonates well with the audience associated with that domain.


Apps need to be frequently updated and checked for bugs, and mobile/web app design agency GIANTHOUSE provides hosting services to take care of any follow-up work needed after your app has been successfully developed. We offer all the up-to-dated features and high flexibility for all your hosting needs. With massive numbers of alternative apps available in the market, you want users to choose your app among all. Our team helps continuously improve to meet ever changing needs. To keep your apps in perfect running condition, it is also important to benefit from our hosting service. We offer diversified hosting packages to fit all your app projects, either small or large, with a well balanced price / quality ratio. We provide you on-going assistance, and are always within your reach for any support. We make sure to keep your website up and running smoothly with reliable hosting so that users choose your app over all others for continued use.


Continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) embody a culture, set of operating principles, and collection of practices that enable design teams to deliver code changes more frequently and reliably, which also works well with Agile methodology adopted in software development with sustainability. The tools and concepts around CI/CD automate various stages of app development and deployment, helping our app developers to deliver high-quality apps, in a more efficient way. We are always eager to see your apps run successfully long after we have completed and launched them. We make sure your target users keep on downloading and using your app. Continuous Integration helps developers frequently merge their code changes back to a shared branch. Continuous Delivery covers the next phase in the application development – releasing the changes. It introduces ongoing automation and continuous monitoring throughout the lifecycle of mobile/web apps development, from integration and testing phases to delivery and deployment. GIANTHOUSE mobile/web design team expertly handles the functionality and back-end systems aspect of mobile/web applications development from scratch.

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