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eCommerce platforms nowadays are usually web-based. From products to services – GIANTHOUSE helps you sell effectively online. No matter if you are a small enterprise or an established firm, eCommerce becomes a big part of your business and you have to rely on online platforms in order to be successful in your venture. We are dedicated to understand our clients’ unique business model, company scale, competitive landscape as well as target audience so as to advise the most suitable solution that fits the business need. Our experts committed to assist you maintain a competitive edge in the digital world and generate leads online with our customized eCommerce solutions. Complimenting our software development practice, we help you to build your eCommerce platforms - whether it's building from scratch, or re-engineering online platforms. Our tools used to achieve this include but is not limited to WordPress, Shopify, Sylius, Magento and other customised eCommerce solutions. We pride ourselves in the fact that our entire team is continuously learning best practice for developing e-commerce and assuring your solution is customized according to the unique needs and requirements of your particular type of enterprise. Get ready to transform your business into a digital platform that attracts customers.

Business Need

With the ever increasing use of the internet and its popularity among all demographic segments, eCommerce is by all means the way to go for virtually all businesses. The speedy influx of new technology in the retail experience has driven consumers to expect a convenient and connected experience seamlessly aligns with their everyday lives. With GIANTHOUSE’s eCommerce solutions, you can take your business to a new level in a more technically-advanced way. Our core aim is to design and develop online stores for your business which expands your brand online exposure and draw traffic to your eshop. We know what makes your online store stand out. The eCommerce team at GIANTHOUSE consists of experts in this field who can help you excel at eCommerce and build a solid online customers base. We deliver tailor-made ecommerce solutions, help businesses grow by developing a functional, innovative and customized ecommerce platform that fits the business need. We focus on helping brands to capitalize on their online presences and drive profitability in the highly competitive market.

Brand Identity

Building an unique eCommerce brand is crucial to differentiate your business from the competitors. It is how people perceive your brand and your business’ personality rather than just one service or product that you offer. GIANTHOUSE can do just that for you. We pay attention to your specific requirements and needs, and build a unique brand identity design that is visually pleasing and reflects your company’s values and mission statement. Offering a wide range of designing services related to brand identity design to articulate the brand with the sense of the target audiences. Online visitors will judge the appearance of your online store even before they check out the products you are selling. We understand that you need to impress your target audience at first sight and accurately represent the corporation. This has to be done in a professional approach – which GIANTHOUSE is highly capable of. Our designs are progressive and vibrant to enable you to connect with your customers in an effective manner. We make sure your eCommerce platform has a one-of-a-kind brand identity, which is perfected to fully satisfy your individual requirements and attract audiences to visit your webstore.


Wireframe is the blueprint for user interface and experience of the digital platform. It is a way to design a software, no matter if it is a website or mobile app, at the architectural level. Wireframe focuses on what each page layout will communicate to the consumers and prioritises the hierarchy of content. Both usability and the user experience are defined at this stage. This is when we start to examine and experiment different ideas and designs approaches on paper to make sure that the user experience and usability of your product will be as frictionless and flawless as possible, and that it can meet your user expectations, to deliver the result effectively and achieve your business goals. GIANTHOUSE constructs wireframes with high efficiency and scalability for your project, to provide an illustration of how your application or websites will be performing when the product is delivered. Our primary goal is to produce the best products that can effectively meet the true needs of our client. Because we value the optimisation of your digital strategy, we start with a line drawing of wireframes to ensure your project is maximised to its greatest effect.

System Integration

Integrations with various systems are required to ensure seamless eCommerce operations for your company. Not only do we help plan the integration of various ERP, but we also have the technical development skills and expertise to develop the frontend and backend of your digital platform. GIANTHOUSE is experienced in developing eCommerce platforms with a straightforward user flow, digital transformation and payment system, ensuring your audience a pleasant and convenient user experience. With our effective system integration, your eCommerce website is more manageable, productive and easily organized with a streamlined order process. Our expert aims to combine all the facets and processes of a business into one integrated system for your business operation. Many back-office functions, such as IT services, inventory software, warehouse management, HR functions etc can be completed harmoniously at one hub. At GIANTHOUSE we immerse ourselves into your businesses, taking a consultative approach to digital strategy to work on system integration to better facilitate your business operation. We aim to serve as your digital extension arm to drive online ROI and identify new digital opportunities with the aid of our ecommerce solution.

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