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Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the technologies that shape the future. It is a shared, distributed ledger where transactions are digitally recorded and linked together. A transaction can only be added to the blockchain after it has been validated using a consensus protocol, which ensures it is the only version of the ledger. Blockchain hence is able to document, manage and share the same set of data across different individuals and organisations in real-time. Each transaction is also encrypted to provide an extra layer of security. Blockchain’s famous real-world application was on Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency appeared in January 2009, which was described as “a new electronic cash system that’s fully peer-to-peer, with no trusted third party” by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto. Besides cryptocurrency, blockchain technology can also be applied to develop smart contracts, as known as decentralized applications, which are lines of codes that are stored on a blockchain and automatically execute only when predetermined terms and conditions are met, without any human interaction and intermediary’s involvement. With the decentralized and encrypted nature of blockchain, the usage of smart contracts/decentralized applications alleviates concerns over cybersecurity, data consistency and centralized authority issues. GIANTHOUSE offers tailored solutions that empower your business to grasp the unique opportunities arising from the versatility of blockchain technology.

Business Consultancy

Blockchain technology has gained increasing popularity in businesses and financial sectors, owing to its numerous capabilities and huge potential are being recognised after the astonishing success of application on cryptocurrencies and smart contracts/decentralised applications. Smart contracts/ decentralized applications are fast, accurate and secure due to its digital, automated and encrypted nature. It saves intermediaries costs paid to trusted third parties for verification, as there is no need for an extra person to validate and verify the terms of the agreement. It also avoids losses that are associated with traditional centralised Internet solutions such as network downtime and network security breaches. With the use of distributed ledger and enhanced data encryption provided by blockchain technology, GIANTHOUSE provides innovative solutions by adopting smart contracts/ decentralized applications to business solutions with higher transparency and business efficiency; meanwhile improves the security of systems. Blockchain consultants at GIANTHOUSE can help our clients analyze the most suitable solution for their special business needs with the help of blockchain technology and smart contracts/ decentralized applications, creating a comprehensive plan for sustainable business development. More importantly, GIANTHOUSE offers blockchain solutions that unleash the full potential of your business by exploring potential use cases of this technology and overcoming implementation challenges with our excellent technical skills.

Technical Study

The most eminent benefits of adopting blockchain solutions are added data security and authentication, transparency and disintermediation. There are already successful examples of applications of blockchain technology in different industries. It helps to mitigate time costs and intermediary costs associated with local and international transactions, as decentralized blockchain-based payment processors allow instant transactions across the world without the need for third-party correspondents; hence avoid associated processing fees. With the use of smart contracts and decentralized applications, businesses can create a secure mesh network that different devices interconnect with each other in a more reliable and secure way; instead of relying on central cloud servers which struggle with server downtime and cybersecurity threats that lead to instability in service providing. There are numerous other ways to adopt blockchain technology for your business, therefore at GIANTHOUSE, we adopt a client-driven approach to fulfil your specific needs. We listen carefully to your needs and expectations, extensively analyse the project that transforms your business in order to bring you the advantages of implementing this cutting-edge technology. With the strategic advice and customized approaches for blockchain solutions GIANTHOUSE offers, we provide necessary technical support, tools, workshops and staff training to ensure an efficient and smooth implementation of blockchain technology in the long run.


Following a clear understanding of your business needs, GIANTHOUSE constructs wireframes, which adopt the most suitable blockchain architecture with high efficiency and scalability for your project, to provide an illustration of how your application or websites will be performing when the product is delivered. Wireframes allow us to lay the foundations of the website or application to provide you with a chance to review and amend the structure, such that we can be confident to deliver our best product into your hands as GIANTHOUSE always do, to ensure the user experience and usability meets your expectations and business goals. Simply put, a wireframe is a necessary step during the entire interactive design process. Abstract concepts become much more comprehensible with the help of wireframes. Wireframes have the ability to turn complicated information into a visual site. In addition, a wireframe facilitates the delivering process as comments can be received in the early stages of design for further improvement and polishing. Therefore, potential problems can be spotted in earlier, saving the cost of fixing in later stages. Wireframes also help to ensure that website features included are in line with users’ needs.


Prototyping shows the model of the product we are going to deliver. This is where our ideas are implemented into tangible forms, using the infrastructure we created with the wireframe on paper and feedback you provided in previous stages. Our experienced blockchain team contributes to guarantee the most user-friendly and interactive experience when using our products with blockchain technology implemented. Prototyping allows us to collaboratively go through every single little detail, refine and experiment the product before it launches; as we strive to provide a premium digital experience that fully satisfies your business needs. An idea that cannot be executed adds no value to one's business. The workability of an idea can only be tested with real-life users, and this explains why interactive prototyping is essential to business development. With the prototype completed, clients are able to test the functionality and user experience of the solution we proposed before the final product launches to the real-world. Clients, especially startup owners, are thus able to pitch their innovative ideas and articulate the value proposition through a visual and functional product to attract potential investments, early adopters and users.

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